Mold Inspection in Palm Bay FL

What is mold Inspection

A mold inspection refers to the identification of the exact and precise type of mold developing in your building. Our team has a wide array of experience and required skill sets to provide you with testing services. In serving our clients we go an extra mile by providing them with final clearing tests, remediation certifications, and paperwork for legal purposes.

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mold inspection palm bay fl

Our Expert Team

Our company recruit a group of people with sound knowledge and extensive experience. We intend to help you in getting rid of mold through the skills sets, these people have harnessed in their field of work. Our team is professional, trustworthy, expert in their jobs and above all skilled in the mold inspection and removal. They are aided by most advanced technology i.e.

  1. FLIR thermal imaging sensor
  2. Video magnifying glasses
  3. Thermo-hygrometers
  4. Carbon dioxide meters

Prior to taking any action, our team brainstorm ideas to come up with the best way for mold removal as well as required testing and tools are decided. Mold inspector visits your property and create a plan for cleansing. This plan is then adopted by our team and the process initiates.



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